My Books

So, You Have a Dream…Now What?

Published in 2011, So, You Have a Dream…Now What? was the culmination of a nearly lifelong dream. Since my days in middle school, I desired to write a book; but, the years passed by, and the dream faded away.

Recently fired from a job, God reminded me of the dream that I had laid aside. I began to write out thoughts that encouraged me to commit to my dream. I challenged myself to fight through fear, procrastination, and doubts. I inspired myself to remain thankful and prayerful during dry seasons in my life. After compiling all of my thoughts, So, You Have a Dream… was birthed.

This book will challenge you to make a commitment to your dreams; and, motivate you to finish what you start.

So, You Have a Dream…Now What? is available wherever books are sold online.


The Vase and the Cup

The Vase and the Cup, my first children’s book, was published in 2015.

Although written for children, The Vase and the Cup is a story that everyone can relate to. The vase and the cup are great friends; but, they both have a problem: they don’t know who they are, or what they were created to do. Through the course of the story they learn their purpose; though they also learn that, sometimes, purpose is found through difficult circumstances.

The Vase and the Cup is a timeless story of self-identity and finding purpose in life. Your children will be encouraged to wait on their true purpose and believe in, and be excited about, who God created them to be.

The Vase and the Cup is available wherever books are sold online. 


30 Words in 30 Days

For those who have followed this blog for a while, the words of this book will be familiar. This book is a collection of blog posts that I wrote a few years ago, conveniently compiled into an ebook. For thirty days, the book highlights 30 words from the KJV Bible. With each word, I’ve written a short piece that is meant to encourage, inspire. and ignite your Bible study efforts.

30 Words in 30 Days is available exclusively on Amazon.


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